Try with full and complete effort so you never regret…then leave the rest to GOD!

Be a fighter. Always fight and never give up, this is the direction my life has taken me in, I must continue to fight until the end or the beginning however, you look at it.  How can I get rid of the desire to be out of my senses?  Every now and then I enjoy some caffeine or something that can give me a bit of energy,  a little escape, but the true journey is to enjoy this life in full senses… not while being out of senses…addiction is one thing but moderation or being in limit is another.  I was just listening to a WhatsApp video that talked about 3 things you can do to help yourself. 1. Get sound deep sleep, give your body time to heal.  2. Emotional Health, stress 3. Self-discipline.  So I must try and keep on trying to complete my mission in this life and do the best I can while practicing self-discipline so that I don’t regret later.  I’ve learned that addiction is all about trying to make the feelings change. So sometimes in life we may be addicted to certain material things  but we also may just be dormant in our actions to try our hardest to live the best life we can live.  So we have to try to make those efforts to progress from the inside out.  So often good health or good living comes from the way we think and project our life activities. I received this quote on WhatsApp which I liked very much and would like to share…

“Health does not always recover from medicine, most of the time it comes from peace of mind, peace in the heart, peace in the soul and also from laughter and love. ”

The medicine we need to strive for is the joy that fuels our hearts, that will give way to the efforts that are waiting to be put into actions. Let’s not wait, let’s take the action we need before its too late.

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