What triggers can make you falter on your commitments? How do I stay determined to remain on track?

At every corner is a strong attraction, a pull that can take you into a land where you forget your commitments, so how do we stay determined so that my promises don’t suffer?  This world is filled with so many little to large attractions; there are pulls like alcohol, drugs, sex, money, power, greed, lust, gambling, crime etc.  So what is the answer?  Well, there is no simple answer other than the fact that everyone is different and different tactics will work with different people.  I know for me personally it is a mental game where I build a mental wall against any attractions and keep in mind my ultimate goal and mission of my soul, which is by far more important than these worldly attractions.  Much more important, so it’s almost a priority system where one commitment can trump a desire that can change the whole outcome.  When your promises obliterate your distractive desires then freedom dawns upon you and you become free of the chains of desire, I guess it’s a mental game a way you make your mind, heart and soul listen to your ultimate calling from inside rather than the ones that have been calling to you from the outside since day one in this world.  Follow your commitments/promises and try to keep faith and the life mission or journey will take you to its end.

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