Sometimes knowing is not enough!

Even though often we know or realize a certain thought or action that is relevant and can change our lives but our mind takes us in a certain direction that can change the course of our lives.  In Jainism, we say that a small karam or action or good/bad deed can take us all the way up or all the way down in this life or others to come.  All outcomes in destiny can change in one given lifetime or be different based on your effort, action or karma. Yes, we know that based upon someone’s predictions we can be successful but if we get complacent then another alternative can be born, this is what happened to me.  I knew that I could become successful but I didn’t put enough hard work into making my destiny. I always say, “you don’t know until you know”.  If something is wishes for or worked for, until that thing happens you still don’t know whether it will truly happen or not.  I want my children, family and people who read this to learn from my mistakes, I want my kids, wife and parents to live happily and learn from my experiences and their own mistakes. If they make a mistake have the courage to make it right and fix it.  The only thing we can know is our feeling like I love and value my wife and give her happiness however I can, I know that through my feelings and instantaneous moments of sweet actions.  So we must be cautious and vigilant in chasing our dreams and not get complacent, we must keep on reaching for our goals until we KNOW that it has in fact happened.  Never give up until you are liberated from the cycles of life and death.

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