Approval or Ego…

Why do some of us feel the need for other people’s approval or want to sound good and represent ourselves to the very best? Why do we want to make ourselves look the very best to others? Isn’t this a form of ego…or at least the fuel towards it.  Well many would argue that trying to look your best isn’t a form of ego, at least not the ego that many perceive the definition of. It’s interesting how this society works, we all want to dress well first for ourselves but then to also be part of this commonplace society that wreaks of ego.  Why do we buy expensive cars if we can afford them, what is our true intention, yes we may like the design or name brand but also we don’t mind showing it off to our friends…parts of this community of humans or some people have become confounded in the difference between their own innate desires and the intentions with which they carry themselves or portray themselves to society or the people in their immediate circle of friends or family.  Maybe some of us don’t necessarily look for approval but do have an inkling of ego in their intentions to look affluent or at least acceptable to common societal norms, which I can understand to a certain degree but when it goes overboard it delves into the realms of ego and pride.  So let’s watch our intentions carefully and see why we truly do what we do…food for thought.

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