I’ve often been afraid of people expecting more out of me.  That’s why I’ve sometimes hidden my qualities or capabilities so I don’t have to work as hard. I guess I was just lazy sometimes.  Or as some would say I was afraid that I wouldn’t fulfill my own potential so I wouldn’t try my hardest. Anyhow, whatever the case is I’m glad I had this revelation because just maybe it’ll help someone else.  We shouldn’t keep expectations from others yet, it is important to have a certain expectation from yourself, a commitment to yourself to do the best you can do without wearing yourself out.  I mentioned this because sometimes when you’re young you don’t feel like doing work, or homework etc it’s considered a hassle to some of us, so that’s why we don’t put our ALL in.  It’s important to learn how valuable it can be to put our ALL in to a certain activity that can open our doors or lead us in the right direction.  I’ve learned after growing up, that if I put my ALL into something than anything is possible and doors have opened up because of my efforts, I learned that we have to try hard to fulfill our potential and most of all be consistent in that effort.

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