How can life experiences help other people?

I just hope that whenever any single person reads these posts that it will help them to learn from my experiences, triumphs and tribulations.  May it be even helping a single person’s life, I’ll be happy. I’ve learned that whatever god does he does it for the best, even in the tough times the absolute soul is watching over and helping to control the game of life. It’s our efforts and our decision that create good or bad karma. Why worry when it’s in his hand and our efforts. Be happy during the tough times it’s actually a blessing we just need the courage to see it. He can put you through misery just to make you learn and totally change your behavior for good…in the end it’s for the best even if something bad happens.  Sometimes destiny can backfire at least for this given life but eventually in a future life you’ll be put back on earth to carry out what you were meant to do, if your karma is in line with what God chooses.  Have faith that everything will be all right, be pious.  Paramatma, God, Guru the lord is the one who guides you along your path but outcomes are different with karmas, decisions and various results from decisions you make.  I’ve been lucky to find that guru in my life and it is all the lords doing. Each of the plans are from the almighty we all are just tools.  We find a Guru, good family, friends and people by the virtue of good deeds and punya.  It is I who couldn’t turn all his suggestions into action but I’ve done enough good karam to have the light of his blessings under my wing.  I’m finally learning to learn and listen to the ones who have always been supporting me. Time is always passing and doesn’t wait for anyone so the sooner you can realize who your well-wishers are the sooner you get on the best possible outcome for your destiny, journey and ultimate destination for your soul.

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