Bringing children into this world…

I’ve learned that kids aren’t just little teddy bears they grow up and are with you for a lifetime.  Only bring children in this world if you’re ready for that experience.  The institution of raising children in today’s world has changed.  I saw a single lady flying with 3 children hustling and bustling to grab all of their belongings in order to get off the plane in a timely manner. It’s not easy to raise kids for most of us but we still do as we may have a desire of having a lineage of some sort.   When I had my children I thought it was part of the plan, like many men I don’t think I was ready to become a father but when the responsibility came I took it on to the best of my ability at the time.  Now that I have an 8 and 4 year old it’s much easier to communicate and bond.  I just say if you’re having intercourse as a teenager then you really need to be careful because it’s not easy or cheap to bring a child into this world.  I caution the young ones to be educated about sexual intercourse, I know they do that in schools but do they really drive the point home.  As a parent I say be open with your children so you may not have to deal with premature situations.  Is information important or knowledge what’s the difference? What I’m giving to you is information that I hope you can turn into knowledge.  We receive lots of information daily but when we imbibe that information deeply it becomes our knowledge, so I hope you gain knowledge from this information.  Take it into your depths and help yourself become free.

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