Did you know that human suffering is the number one topic on the internet? We feed off this negative energy sometimes and it influences us or even our subconscious mind, so let’s be aware of what we watch and how we internally react to what we’ve watched.  Images can get imprinted in our minds:  may it be action or horror movies or even pornography. The more we watch the more these images get imprinted into our mind and brain and they become images that don’t leave because it reminds us of a certain time that we were either in the process of watching those types of scenes. Let’s feed off the positive energy, that’s within us, not the external negative that can influence us. More more more…is that all some of us desire? Is that the mindset we innately or extrinsically form when we are young or in the sight of certain images? Is our desire for money, food, sex, drugs/alcohol, family security or even caffeine? How do we rid ourselves of the myriads of negative images or even attachments that we have in this contemporary world. We limit our viewing of negative images or change our mindset.

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