Scouts never give up…

A couple years ago my family and I went to Sedona, my 6 year old at the time was amazing. He made me climb all the way up Cathedral Rock in jeans and a sweater, it wasn’t cold that day but it sure was a lesson.  He said, “Keep going Papa, Scouts never give up.”  I wasn’t in shape at the time but he had the energy of a thousand men, I remember the image of him standing on top of a plateau yelling out “we’re at Cathedral Rock.” My other child was too young to climb at that time.  Life is full of beautiful memories but when a 6 year old teaches his Father to Never Give Up, keep climbing up the hill, is truly a cherish-able moment to never forget.  Once we decide we have to do something we can go miles ahead and be determined.  I love my children, wife and family very much.


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