We attach only to get detached in the end…Moksha or Nirvana!

One of the ultimate goals of our souls is to attain liberation…I’ve often wondered why has the Almighty created bonding, love, attachment, reproduction etc.  I suppose the last one reproduction was created to give a shell to the soul so that it could transcend spiritually and learn from its mistakes.  I strive to take away my attachments and learn the ultimate truth and find moksha.  I feel that the ultimate truth lies within the deepest part of our soul, it’s when all the karma has been untied and effaced.  I believe that we all have been through life and death for ages but we just don’t know it or are not able to realize it in this current era, or body or mindset that this world is in.  The irony is that God gives us this beautiful life and world just to leave it all in the end, but I suppose the Lord does that so we can learn from our past mistakes, it might be of this life, the previous ones or learning to be prepared for the next life.  Detachment is so difficult, when we have spent our whole lives attaching to our loved ones or dear family and friends.  It only makes us stronger to detach and move forward in our spiritual journey a bit before we feel like we’re going to die. So recognize signs of your body and signs of the universe.  Follow your heart.

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