Easier said than done…

I used to like to give advice or knowledge to other people around me…the only issue was that they didn’t ask for the help. With a realization to only give advice or motivational guidance when it’s asked for was a big deal…I like to talk about spiritual experiences and knowledge I’ve gained across the journey of life. Although, it’s so easy to speak out but it is also so difficult to act out thoroughly what you speak. I always listen to a story of Gandhi Ji who once was asked by a young child how to give up sweet dishes and Gandhi told him to come back in two weeks. For two weeks Gandhi Ji gave up his love for sweets and then gave advice to the child. He wanted to prove to himself that he could do it before speaking out and giving advice to the child. This is what I’ve realized with me and many others in the world. We talk the talk but don’t always follow the talk ourselves. It’s easy to speak out but not always easy to follow. I suppose we’re all human and none of us are perfect but we all were born innocent but the road ahead is different for all. I’ve learned a big lesson to only speak what I do and not give discourses about the desired thoughts.

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