I need to “find time to enter into the timeless”!

I tell myself to tighten my time all the time..I know this thing called time doesn’t truly exist it is man made, however, since we have to live in this world full of time we have to respect this thing called Time. If I don’t do it now it will be difficult for it to happen in the next day or in this lifetime.  I don’t want to loose anymore time.  The reason I say it will become difficult is because of this delicate mindset most of us have these days.  It has much to do with the fact that many of us take Time for granted, including myself, I don’t do it intentionally but I use time to fulfill my wishes and desires, but luckily I don’t use ALL my time doing that anymore.  I balance it with effort and due diligence for the spiritual upliftment that I feel is my calling.  So every fleeting moment is ours but do we grasp it or do we miss it… most of us miss it in the spur of the moment but some of us grasp it completely from the beginning to the end.  When we grasp it completely we realize that there was actually no beginning and end it was just constant realization and care of the moment.  I strive to respect my time and value it from the core of my heart because once lost it never comes back.


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