Time, health, relationships, respect, honesty and trust…lost or gained!

All the elements I’m referring to are very difficult to gain or use but very easy to lose, once lost you realize the cost.  All of these elements are so valuable, I’ve touched a bit on time already so I’ll focus more on the other elements.  It is up to each one of us how we either gain these elements or lose them…we must focus on the positive while at the same time realizing that if lost it’s tough to get them back.  So in a way loss should be our motivation to gain and not stop until the end.  Health is one thing that is unpredictable many times, even though we do our best a disease can still visit us at the most unexpected times.  Just like a relationship one day it’s there and the next season its gone, what if for one minute you actually try to maintain the relationship from the starting point of that “one day” until the next season and next.  Yes, it has to go both ways but many of us don’t even try to shake our hands continuously from one side so having a handshake is far from the reality.  We must make an effort with people that we want to maintain a relation with.  Respect is something that one should have most for herself/himself when we respect ourselves, respecting others becomes natural we have to follow that feeling of respect to the people that we want to commingle with.  If we all believed in “honesty” the world would be a much better and less complicated place then it is right now.  Our human nature doesn’t always allow us to be open, frank or even honest.  Sometimes are hearts desire to not lie but we still do because we do not want to be open about our own personal situations.  So what to do in that case?  Tell the truth! Don’t expose yourself if you don’t want but instead tell the other person I’d rather not discuss what I’m going through right now.  Trust is one of those things that is hard to earn and very easy to lose, if we are honest with ourselves about our own habits and doings then being honest with others can create trust, reliablity and even a new relation.  So give the amount of truth that you desire but definitely don’t expect it in return, it’s a tough thing to do but it can help keep you in good graces.  People know internally when somethings off in their own behavior or truth but it doesn’t always play out smoothly, we have to be truthful to ourselves first in order to gain trust with others. Don’t lose these elements rather gain them with confidence.

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