“Dynamic morning”


“In order to change your life outside, you must change inside. The moment you are willing to change, it is amazing how the Universe begins to help you. It brings you what you need.”

When we begin to work on ourselves, sometimes things get worse before they get better. It is ok if that happens, it’s the beginning of the process. It’s untangling old threads. Just flow with it. It takes time and effort to learn what we need to learn. Don’t demand instant change. Impatience is only resistance to learning. It means you want the goal without going through the process. Let yourself do it step by step. It will get easier as you go along.

AFFIRM : All my changes are easy to make.

GRATITUDE : I am grateful for my flexibility and adaptability to bring conscious change in my thoughts and habits.

BLESSINGS : God bless us all to flow with change with grace & ease.

This beautiful paragraph is not only to make your mornings go well or for you to have productive energetic mornings.  It is rather for us to “change” for the better, I was struggling to change for the better because I wanted to get rid of all my bad habits like drinking, drinking caffeine and not waking up at 6am every morning with my kids.  I found this article very helpful to read every day when you are in the process of making a change for the better within yourself and in your life.  Yes, it takes time and effort so don’t demand instant change, go through the changing process step by step feel the pain of leaving bad habits behind and feel the joy of inculcating lovely habits that you become grateful for the more you do.  Don’t be hard on yourself just give thanks for the revelation and then the actions you take to maintain this new you.

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