Winter Bruin…the secret

When I got accepted into UCLA it wasn’t for the fall quarter it was for the winter quarter. They called us Winter Bruins. So we’d still be taking classes on campus and they would count for credits towards our graduation. So I had a complex about telling the people I had newly met at college. I wanted to fit in and be like the rest of the crowd. I didn’t realize back then that YES, I WAS STILL ACCEPTED TO UCLA. I just didn’t want to feel out of place and especially with Indian classmates there’s always some sort of politics and the desire to look “cool”. I wish I had the capacity to be frank if the topic were to ever come up but I didn’t at that age. I’m writing this post so that other kids who want to feel like they fit in should realize that we ALL are the same with similar fears, insecurities and desires. So don’t need to try to fit in just be confident in yourself and know that your good qualities will eventually shine and you you’re already cool in your own realm. It’s a matte of believing in yourself no matter what anyone else says to you or may think about you. Remember they have similar issues. Every human in this world has problems otherwise they’d be God. Remember that one…I sure do. It’s for all of us to keep in mind. Be happy, smile and most of all be yourself regardless of the case or situations.

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