Take me back…to Europe.

The backpacking trip to Europe with 3 other friends in the summer of 2000 really opened my eyes up to this world and its variegated humanity. These are memories that will stay with me always. I’ll just mention a few glimpses and let you know the routing of our 7week trip. We started off in England, then to Amsterdam, took the Eurorail to Paris via Brussels, into Spain, Barcelona, Ibiza, then drove across the French riviera into the Italian Riviera with the Mediterranean Sea at our south side…drove through Monte Carlos and Monaco, then into Pisa, Florence, Rome, Venice, then Budapest via Austria, then into Prague, then Berlin and back to where we started in Amsterdam. Oh yeah, we went to Geneva and Interlaken in the middle of all of it. So it’s a late night in Paris and one of my friends starts taking what he coined as a walking piss…it was popular for the rest of the trip! We also watched a live sex show in Amsterdam boy did I have fun…there was also a lady who was popping ping pong balls out of herself…it was an unbelievable time. We also were cycling high through Interlaken…it was lovely scenery. There was a night club in Budapest we went gambling in casinos. I also never knew that Buda Pest were two cities with the Danube river in the middle. We were also in Ibiza where we met one of my friends girlfriends’ from college. It was a mini trip and night to remember. We also drove across the French riveria into the Italian riviera… before we returned the car (all four of us drove for a bit) in Florence we hit a car all of us were praying that we’d be all right when we got to the car rental shop and at that time we didn’t realize it’s not a really huge deal in Italy. Luckily, we were ok when returning the car. I remember going to Prague and partying all night close to st Charles bridge…we also went to a concentration camp about an hour outside of Prague in a town called Terezin. We also watched an opera called Don Giovani it was a wonderful experience. Then in Berlin we saw checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin wall what history the country has. The Sistine Chapel, the David, the leaning tower of Pisa and the Coliseum and St. Marx square in Venice were all so beautiful. It was the summer of 2000 only once in 25 years did they open the underground of the Vatican where we were able to see all the tombs of the past popes, that was a historical moment for us. I’ve only compiled this post as a thanks to my parents for funding my entire trip and to those friends who I enjoyed those moments of life with. love you all. As I got back from the trip I would continue working at Kaplan in Beverly Hills teaching Lionel Richies son and Magic Johnson’s daughter, I used to take the bus to Kaplan my first year then I got a car. I also worked at DNA studio a entertainment company, and lastly at JD Power & Associates. Life was so spontaneous, different and so was I…those times are ones that I’ll never forget. I urge all youngsters to get as much experience as you can from internships and most of all the people you surround yourself with. My Grandfather used to say tell me your company and I’ll tell you who you are which is very true. Enjoy but realize what, when, where and how your enjoying…be aware.

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