First love…

My very first so called love happened to be in India…the only thing is I didn’t know what true love was. Only after marrying my soul mate and partner did I learn what romantic love is, she taught me. The challenges of love at a young age are very difficult it can seize your heart and your mind. It’s beautiful yet can be daunting at times. It’s a matter of keeping your desires under control so that the outcome is not difficult to bear whether you move forward in the future or not. I suppose I won’t say much about my first love only that it was the most holy experience I had until that time. Sometimes things work out for the better maybe you’re not meant to be with someone for a reason but you only find that reason later on. For example, what if the boy you had dated many years ago ends up dying at a young age, then what? So whatever happens is for a good reason. We have to see the positivity in our relationships and most of all the experiences that we perceive from our mind and heart. We must stay optimistic and have hope that one day you’ll find who is right for you. Have faith and don’t get down over a heartbreak if you’re young, middle aged or even old. Have a beautiful positive mindset that manifests the best around you.

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