Tahoe, Reno and Catalina…

So I had a few unknown vices when I was in college. When I say unknown meaning I didn’t consider them vices Or didn’t even know or realize the consequences…at the time I would just live happily, whimsically and freely without much concern. So my girlfriend at that time and I would go on fun trips all over. We went to Tahoe, Reno and Catalina and the best part was we both enjoyed the company of each other very much. The only thing was I would charge up my credit card and I didn’t always have enough money to pay them. So I learned one of the biggest lessons of life living in a country of debt. I ran up my debt like no other and then my future girlfriends had to suffer and see the cheap me as I had learned not to spend extravagantly. The times were fun but when you’re young you don’t realize what you have. I was so ignorant and maybe a bit too happy, lucky, go and only was able to learn after reflecting on my experiences. Eventually after digging a deep hole in my pocket not only because of outings but also because of gambling…my dearest Father paid off my debts which was a huge turning point. Never again did I accrue any credit card debt in my life.

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