Back when I was young I enjoyed playing black jack a lot and frequently use to visit casinos. I even sort of learned how to count cards, one time I was at a casino and won over $7000 playing blackjack, I wasn’t even 21 yet. I was on a couple seats betting over $300 on each seat and doubling down and taking only one card as needed. The casino eventually kicked me out as they thought I was counting cards. It was an adrenaline rush to be betting that way at high stakes. I guess I was being watched through the cameras. Boy did I learn my lesson though I don’t even gamble now, because I already experienced it when I was young. The lesson to take away here is that once you get a habit of something not necessarily good for you then you must put an end to it…come hell or high water because you must recognize first what vices you have and then learn to control those behaviors and conquer those habits. It could be anything from gambling, drinking, smoking, eating could be anything. I eventually learned that anything in excess is not good for you. So be aware of your desires and controlling your self first and foremost.

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