The role of the Father…

It was my senior year and I had an experience of a lifetime in “Samjotha” a family play (not love story) in the Indian Student Union. I was one of the lead roles as the Father. I performed at Royce Hall in front of 2000 people in the afternoon and 2000 people in the evening it was a memory of a lifetime. I had friends doing my make up and people watching me I was the center of attention at times. It felt so good to contribute. Times like that in your younger years should always be cherished…at the time you don’t realize how valuable those experiences are but later as you grow older you look and think those were some of the best times of life…don’t get me wrong there are many more important experiences to have as you go through your life. I just say that youth should learn how to fully appreciate from the heart the times that elapse so quickly when you’re young. May it be your first crush, or your first car, or your first date. Whatever the case we must learn to enjoy each moment, each experience at all times of life…but especially when we’re young because those are the times that fly by without us even knowing it. Make the most of each moment, be grateful and realize all the blessings you really have.

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