Hit and run…

Boy did UCLA have a bunch of life experiences for me or what…so I was driving down Gayley headed south in a rush to get somewhere on Wilshire. I was driving at normal speed but the left lane was jammed with drivers and the right lane was sort of free…so I went ahead and moved to the right lane thinking that I would save some time. I moved, then out of no where (well actually a parking lot) a grey Honda Civic was taking a left and BAM I hit the car and broke its wheel and axel. I was scared and afraid basically (defecating in pants not literally but you know what I mean) so I just drove away as I didn’t want to get in any more driving trouble. So a couple weeks go by…still tense about the situation. Finally, my Dad’s doorbell rings and it’s that grey cars insurance company. Then my Dad calls me and asks did you hit a car at UCLA. With apprehension I said yes. There was a police officer at the scene and someone must have noted my license plate number so they tracked me down. Luckily, there were no charges just the repair deductible. I later came to find out that it was actually a professors car that I hit…at the time it wasn’t funny but lookin back now, it’s unbelievable that I actually did something like that when I was young and immature 😜. So my Dad said you must go back, track down the professor and apologize to him. So I did that, I professed my apologies to the professor and was truly apologetic to him and my family…but now I know that learning is not so easy for everyone. It was an experience to remember and learn from. Don’t let fear drive you (literally 😀 drive you) to make impulsive decisions especially out of fear. Own up to your mistakes and apologize from the heart if you do something wrong.

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