Pulled over…

It was another beautiful evening in Westwood…intoxicated and enjoying. So I leave my at the time girlfriends house in her car to grab something from my place and then come back to hers. Before I know it I see the lights flashing, low and behold it’s a cop and I’m frightened for my life and trying to figure out what I’m going to say. So he walks up and says license and registration please. I said it’s my girlfriends car please don’t give me a ticket. Then he asked “Son, have you been drinking?” I said with plenty of hesitation and avoiding all the stories I had thought of when I saw the flashing lights and said ” Yes, officer but not too much. I live close by.” Bless that man’s heart he let me go and I walked towards my apartment. After walking a few minutes that stinking thinking came back to me especially while being intoxicated…I walked back towards the car got in and drove home. I’m sure that officer came back to check whether that car was still there or not. I feel horrible that I betrayed him for simple convenience and to ensure the car of the girl I was dating at the time was returned properly. This experience made me think back to how it’s so important to be honest and follow through for the betterment of yourself and the others that trust you. Sometimes we make impulsive decisions especially when inebriated but I can only look back now and be thankful that I learned a lesson that night…but only more drama was to come while drinking…

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