Have you ever thought of all the worldly problems like oppression, slavery, traffic, poverty, war, greed, power and hatred? I wish you all to be free from the worldly problems that this material world frowns us in daily through various channels. Our inner freedom or inner calling will first free us then once we feel the satisfaction of being free from all worries than we can move on to help others. I wish the world were self-less I wish I was more self-less but only after the establishment of my own souls strength. In order to freely give we have to conquer ourselves first. Our vices, issues, physical bodies, emotions all have to be balanced and then we can easily delve into freedom which leads to the human worldly liberation of others (not spiritual liberation). I have heard that in today’s modern date human trafficking is a 32 billion dollar per year industry, it is sad that as global citizens we are still oppressing others. We haven’t learned from our past, why is it that mankind repeats the same mistakes over and over again…I suppose that’s why they say history repeats itself. It’s all a cycle of supposed time and our souls that don’t learn the full truth completely and have to go through the myriad cycles of life and death. We should surrender ourselves to our faith and guru to learn the basics of the right path then when we become somewhat learn-ed we can move on our spiritual path to find the ultimate truth…which I believe is the path towards liberation. Yes, it is easy to talk about Nirvana and wanting it but the human spiritual struggle is challenging to get there yet all transforming at the same time. “Impermanence is the only permanence.” This impermanence is the path to to the ultimate freedom.

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