Don’t ever take anyone or anything for granted (good or bad)…

First of all this contemporary world we live in is so beautiful, elegant and “out of this world”. Why do I say it’s out of this world when I’m talking about the world we are currently in. The natural beauty of Mother Earth is breathtaking…however, some of the possibilities are in uncharted territory. Through experience, I have seen the impossible become very possible and very real…the surreal has become real….possibilities exist. The astral plane does exist there are individuals out there who put a lot of time and effort in their practice of maneuvering this plane…sometimes for avarice and self interest and sometimes for the opposite selfless-ness and helping others. We must believe that ANYTHING is possible in order to truly appreciate this negative or positive realm that does exist quietly in our neighborhoods. Always make sure you’re mind and body are synchronized at the same place at the same time the same moment for that is what can make you stronger and helps negate effects of people traveling through this plane. Often our mind and body are in separate places the mind is thinking one thing and the body is doing something else. Thought and action should be synchronized in order to help yourself become stronger in this ever changing world of people and various energies. So don’t take for granted the people you associate with good or bad or the weird things that supposedly happen to you by chance…there is a greater reason behind all things that happen to us humans. Not only karma but the calling of our purpose or mission in this human life.

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