Qi Gong practice is a blessing…so is not abusing your mental and physical energies…

There are many methods that humans use knowingly and unknowingly to abuse their energies…let’s keep it simple for this post. I can do parts of qigong to harness and gain more energy. So why should I unnecessarily use or waste my energy by opening a manual door rather than automatic door at a store? So I was at Target the other day and it dawned upon me that that I do practices to help myself to heal and improve my life…so this energy I gain is a mental/spiritual energy that comes through the physical but transits through the body and into the realms of the heart, mind and soul. So I thought why should I exert energy when I don’t really need to…another example of this would be to not speak when it’s not needed. I try to remain calm, and stay positive regardless of what I travel through in life. This practice is all about gaining positive energy and getting rid of negative energies. So why do I talk about not opening a door when you don’t have to (opening it up as a courtesy is different)…it’s about the smallest to largest exertions of energies and efforts that goes into our life. Let’s use them but not abuse them…for example let’s not do the same mistakes over and over again it takes up mental energy and tends to take up physical energy as well. This practice is not simple but there is possibility with true yearning desire.

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