The subconscious mind that is one of the most greatest tools we have…

Today I happened to listen to a YouTube video which was talking about the subconscious. For many years, I’ve known about the power of training your subconscious mind but I didn’t consistently take in its benefits. I would listen to a motivational message or sound and go off to bed but I would only do it for a couple months and then it’d fade away. I think that programming the subconscious takes a lot of time and repetition at night before you go to sleep. The video I was listening to had the same message about repetition, they also suggested 5 steps to a nighttime routine. They suggested to first, plan out your day from start to end, so your intentions are set for the best possible outcome. The second suggestion was to review your goals daily to manifest into reality. The third, was practicing gratitude to invite more opportunities and abundance of blessings you may already have in your life. The fourth, was to call on your subconscious for answers, they suggested to ask out loud to your subconscious a question that you want answers to. The fifth, was hypnotherapy so listening to positive sounds or messages at night while in bed. This last one is what many of us may recognize. I believe that these are great steps to progressing towards the best you. We all must manifest our ultimate goals for ourselves into a reality and the subconscious is one way to get there. This time I’m going to try for 6 months and I’ll post my experiences again.

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