What you eat is how you feel…so if you’re tired after a full night of sleep than you may be eating something wrong?

Even though I’m on the health kick I sometimes feel tired and I’ve known for a while that we are what we eat but on top of that how we feel is often because of what and how we eat. So how do we make ourselves feel great all day? I believe a lot comes from taking the right health actions so if we go out and buy the right type of groceries it helps us to prepare healthy dishes for ourselves and for our family. I’m exercising daily but also feel that I give myself certain foods like dark chocolate a bit much on occasion but like I said earlier it’s about being in moderation not about over indulging all the time. A solid decision can equal good health and a great energetic feeling every day let’s not be dependent on the good times and bad times let’s create an equilibrium where there is balance by choice and not circumstances or situations that arise out of life’s curve balls and home runs. I strive to create physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial balance through health, happiness and faith that everyone and everything will be all right regardless of how things turn out for me…I just continue to do my own due diligence. I suppose that’s all any of us can really do…really do whatever is in our hands.

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