Inch is a cinch, but a yard is tough…small consistent efforts matter…

So I heard this phrase the other day and I was excited to share this as some of us have an all or nothing viewpoint…I’m like that sometimes. So this made me think that I need to give myself more credit for all the small things I am doing….but not the kind of credit to make me complacent rather to look at the bigger macro picture that says I’m working towards my goals step by step and I will get there with my determination and positive feelings and thinking. My goal is to give my all to many many others. I pray that others will be able to learn from my mistakes, experiences and revelations. So an inch is a cinch…in certain cases we are able to take it step by step and in other cases we just need to do it to reach our goal. So I sometimes feel like I need to fulfill my purpose to give and in order to do that I need to reach out to others and expose myself. I take daily steps and routine seriously but it’s also something that I feel like I have to do rather than wanting to…why is that? Perhaps because some of the things were suggestions listening to others you trust is good but why can’t some of us accept that a certain suggestion can be good for us? Is it my ego or my silent nature whatever the case is I realize that I must follow my heart and do the necessary to fulfill my purpose, I must give it my best as long as I’m alive. So in order to do that I must take it step by step, consistently follow my heart and the blessings of the universe to give bit by bit to others.

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