Why are junk foods so cheap and health foods so expensive?

I have been a huge junk food fan for a lot of my life but sometime back I started to get in with the health craze that’s going around these days. Once I started eating healthy, not only did I start to feel good but also I started to understand why there’s such a disparity in health food costs and junk food costs at the stores. So I realized that junk food is marketed and bought in bulk volume by many many consumers not only here in the USA but also many other countries worldwide. How can we stop this epidemic of junk food and make health foods more in demand and also potentially make them cheaper over time. We have to reach out to the consumers and wake them up from the dream of that Twinkie. We must make our brethren more aware so that they can feel the same benefits people on the health kick feel. I just had a glass of organic celery juice yes I know it’s not affordable to all to drink organic freshly squeezed juices…that’s why I’m writing this post. Let’s do something to make health foods more affordable and in volumized demand and junk foods less in demand so that we can have a happier and healthier country and globe.

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