Is eye contact or looking into someone’s eyes and connecting to their hearts more important?

Since I started growing up I’ve been a huge proponent of making eye contact. When I was in the 9th grade I started making public speeches at the Rotary Club, Lions Club etc. for college scholarships. I even started a Speech Club at my new high school. I’ve tried hard to make eye contact in my past. Although, I notice my eye contact in the business world was more so to make people think that I’m smarter or stronger than them or at least more confident. I realized later that eye contact should be made with others to connect with them not to make them feel inferior in any way. So I try sincerely not to stare in other peoples eyes so that they don’t feel uncomfortable my first preference is to sincerely connect with anyone that I talk to and doing it with a smile and with the right intention to make a whole hearted hearty connection…may it be with the girl who bagged my groceries or with the pope😀 I believe that’s the way to live and also contribute to your own inner happiness by feeling good about connecting. It could be an instance or a one time connection but when we try to make it a good habit it boost our own self esteem, confidence and energy. So make that eye contact but with a smile…make others around you feel comfortable not uneasy or inferior. By the way not all people have a easy time making eye contact that’s why we should truly try our best to give from the heart to others a sincere smile with no personal agenda if the situation allows. Life is about the feel it’s not about a deal. Also, for those of you who feels uneasy when someone is looking at you smack dab (many people have EGO in their look that protrudes out of their eyes ) in the eye than don’t worry and just smile to the other person if the situation allows and you’ll start feeling comfortable. So smile as much as you can that’s what I vow to do myself!!

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