How do you make a decision and how do you stick with it?

So I was talking to my mom this morning and I asked her these two questions from above…because when in doubt especially about major life decisions always ask your heart first than someone you trust. We ourselves are our own first teacher! She said “You stick with it by keeping at it in actions until you don’t achieve your goal or until the decision is met. “Lage raho” You stick with a decision by your daily actions, mindset that supports that decision.” Also, if it’s something you have to do than you just decide to do it and put your actions behind it no matter how lazy, tired or out of the mood you may be. Those small consistent efforts are make a massive change and can help to stick with our decisions. So it looks like I found my answer and shared about it too…we must be committed to our actions and to a decision we take for the betterment of life and for the cause of that decision. Yes, sometimes life takes a turn and we have to change a small decision but the big ones that we have thought out and planned about thoroughly must be kept so we have peace within ourself to make more important decisions in the future.

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