How do you stop the constant chatter or thinking in your mind, for me it’s smiling it helps keep my mind silent!

I struggle with keeping the mind silent all the time but it’s a work in progress. I suppose no one is perfect but we should all have the sense to have control over our minds versus our minds chattering away or thinking. I know for me if I smile more often than my mind can stay silent…but I suppose through experience that smiling all the time is not always easy. So in the times when I’m not smiling that darn thinking starts where I learn to be more aware of it by trying to connect my mind and body…because in the words of a saint…”the mind is somewhere and the body is somewhere else.” So to connect these 2 is very possible. The feeling of the body is a very soothing feeling but it doesn’t happen all the time because our mind takes over and the connection with the body is lost. So I currently struggle with complete silence all the time but that is my goal to have silence when I want it. I guess smiling is the one of the best forms of feeling the body and the connection with your heart and emotions. So I try to keep myself smiling often…the rest of the methods are taught to us by the saint…Smile to keep the mind silent and heart happy!

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