We all learn something from someone may it be our parents, elders or teachers…

Life is such that we all learn something from someone, like learning to walk from our elders. I was at a family friends home last night as one of our Jain gurus was visiting from India he asked me if I have any questions…so I asked him about the path to liberation from the cycles of life and death, how we can come closer to this goal. He simply told me that your feelings/emotions have to be true and sincere and that your intentions have to be pure. He said that even the bad karma we gain unknowingly isn’t that bad as the karma you gain when you intentionally do something to hurt others. After the night was over an aunt of mine asked me where I knew about all this spiritual stuff and I told her I’d been learning for the past 20years, which is true. Although, later I texted my family friend to tell his mom that I have a dear friend who has helped me gain a lot of spiritual knowledge for the past 22years. I knew my intentions were good because I texted him after I got back home. When I was asking questions to the Jain Guru I felt like I may be asking these questions to show off about my spiritual knowledge which I didn’t feel good about later on so that’s why I texted them to let them know a major source of where this information has come from, so I felt better to share with them that I haven’t read any books but rather I’ve gain this knowledge through my dearest friend and some amazing and out of this world experiences. So that’s why I believe that we take our own first breath and we are our own first gurus but after that we learn a lot from our elders, our loved ones, parents, family, friends, guides and the ones who touch our heart.

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