I must have done something good in a past life to be born to these parents…

Because of my parents and family I’m here…After all, they gave me birth…if I wasn’t born in this family with this culture and most of all these people…I don’t know if I’d still be me. My life hasn’t been conditioned but it has definitely been shaped by the experiences I’ve had through my God’s here on Earth…my parents. They gave me life, all experiences, love, breath, the opportunity to realize a universal truth. I am forever indebted to them for all of these beautiful ephemeral moments. I can’t express how giving, loving and whole hearted my family is, I was lucky to have had their grace, their presence, their values, their guidance…I am forever grateful to them. Growing up I didn’t have many concerns I had a shelter, food on the table, a smile to look up to and the hard working example of two individuals that sacrificed their ALL for my sister and I. They sacrificed all of their desires for us and they still do each day, they are the best parents to us. Only emotions and actions can show my gratitude to them…only I can give myself strength to be the best son I can be while I can…

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