Where would I be without them?

I don’t know where I would be or in what situation if it weren’t for my family, if I wasn’t born in this family with this culture and most of all these people…I can’t express how giving, loving and whole hearted my family is. Growing up I often didn’t have a unfulfilled desire, I had and have the best parents ever. With my current family in my life I have a dream come true and the only thing I hold onto is a fleeting fear of losing them when I leave this world. I am so grateful and happy that these people are in my life…family is one of the biggest reasons for me having a successful outlook on life and experiences that have been very wild and unbelievable. This gratitude for each breath is because of the love I’ve experienced from my family and the ones who I didn’t expect the depth of love I’ve received from them…not through a blood relation but the connection that exists and will continue to exist beyond the mortal world. Only few maybe able to understand what I mean…but I’ll try to explain. I believe that family is the biggest blessing but isn’t restricted to only blood or extended family. There are myriad blessings that are receiving me and all of us in each encounter we have with this life. We are meant to love and live and give but that’s not what always happens it’s up to us and our vision to see through to those blessings and accept what greatness we receive in some form or the other through what this universe has to offer or through our unknown connection. Even this family’s blessings come from a connection of the past, the present and the future based on your known or unknown karma. I try everyday to feel gratitude for the blessings that come into my life with every breath…thank you dear God for these breaths that give me life and ability to live completely….thank you God and this existence.

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