Boasting or giving or both…

I once gave a donation to help give the gift of vision to blind people. I did it with the intention of trying to help others and also to fulfill a promise I made to God. This felt great at the time and I did a deed in which I wished I would’ve done quietly without letting a single soul about it.

I was at a old friends home once and I was talking to his wife and blurted out that I had given the gift of vision through eye operations to some blind people. With which intention it became only I knew with time after reflecting back upon what I said, but at the time I was saying it, I didn’t even know what I was saying I wasn’t aware, it was what I was thinking on the whim that was spoken out. I then realized later I wanted to look good and have someone look at me with higher regard but it wasn’t the right intention my mind had, so I still learn from that mistake by trying to control my mind and not let it control me. If I only knew what I do now…it’s not the boasting about any aspect of our life it’s about touching peoples hearts that actually need the help. I learned and still learn it’s not about gaining respect or even wanting to be an example. It’s about the intention with which we speak and act out or mostly even think with, which is the truest fact. How do we conquer the ever lively and speaking mind? Maybe it’s a question for the saints who can have a silent mind as they choose..

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