Loner…but was I one really ? Did I always have a guiding angel in my life?

So growing up I had a solid circle of family friends and today I still have that same solid circle of family friends that makes up a lot of my base of friends. Yes, I have my children’s friends parents, other acquaintances and a few close friends in which we’re always there for each other. I guess that’s how it goes for some of us. I now realize that quality is better than quantity, back in college I would go after the quantity but was left alone at the end, the same case was in high school. So yes, other than family and a few close friends that I’ve had for some time I didn’t have many other friends. I would often go roam about the world alone and have the desire to interact with people I didn’t know, this used to be my life…but no matter what I’ve always been extremely connected to my family who is and has been my backbone through thickest and thinnest. I realized it’s okay to be alone sometimes but not all the time. My goal was to have 2-3 good friends but I got distracted by girls, life and various growing experiences like parties and drinking…but true friendships trump all not a bunch of friends who aren’t with you at your time of need. You will always be able to recognize a true friend as they will always be with you through your tough times and good ones. I suggest value the friendships that you want in the future by keeping in touch and reaching out to people. Don’t expect others to reach out to you if you want good relationships from your teen years through your elder years than you must make that effort, then only a two way street can be paved. Learn to put weight and priority on the valuable moment of teen years and college…not only drinking and partying but all the extra curricular events, clubs and your true friends and teachers. Don’t be afraid to be alone because that is how we all go from this world but change your mindset and don’t take for granted whatever relationships you do have. All my life I have never been alone the grace of my dearest friend and Jain gurus have always been there throughout my life since I was born til date when I needed them they were there for me. I’ve not truly been alone in this lifetime but have had the grace of God Always shining on me. Love, live and give!

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