Is there ego or innocence in my look or both at different times?

I started noticing my reactions and realized that I could sense the ego or boasting in the look of my eye or the tone of my voice. At emotional times I’ve also sensed the innocence I have within me. These attributes are not only with me but they exist in most of us at different times. How do we realized our very own egoistic responses, that have a flare or attitude about it in the tone of your voice? Or even when you walk with too much confidence, I believe there can be ego in your step too When I notice the ego in me it makes me feel over confident for no reason…for what reason do I have to feel over confident…having a good meeting or conversation or even thinking that the person I talked to over the phone or in person thinks I’m really cool or I’m superior to them…none of us are superior than the other that is what we must take into our hearts and out of our minds. Ego is right around the corner waiting to enter our minds so that we can make a physical expression about that thought. That’s how we get entangled in the world of self…the world that revolves around ourselves. I think that ego in my step is possible…especially the slow ones where I don’t focus on being grounded rather if I’m crossing a stage or dance floor and I imagine everyone is looking at me and I’m the center of attention. Yes, this could be true for any of us at times but not all the time. So how do we eradicate our ego, or conquer our urge to boast, or conquer our attachment to these sort of ideas or thoughts? Mindfulness goes a long way in allowing us to watch and observe a thought or emotion and then let yourself wait to react once you’ve crossed the peak of that thought or emotion. It’s possible with repeat efforts, I just have to try harder! So let’s take a literal step into “walking meditation” which can help get us more grounded, I was once taught this and am very grateful for that experience. A step of peace is awaiting…

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