Happy Fathers Day!!


Dear Dad,

The connection we have is truly because of the almighty absolute omnipotent soul or paramatma…we are so grateful and blessed to be your children and to have been connected to you in this lifetime. Your tireless efforts to raise us, feed us, guide us, teach us and lead us truly are unique because if it weren’t for your dedication, hardest work and love for us we may not have been here…you are the epitome and best example of a Father, Husband, Son, Brother and Man…you truly are my role model and I strive to be more like you and I thank God for the experiences I’ve had with you…it has been fun enjoying the grown up years as well talking about business and spirituality, laughing with you and the opportunity to continue to look up to you. You are part of my being and you should trust that you will Always be , you and mom created me and I can’t begin to express and promise to you that the part of you that resides in me is embedded in my soul and will forever be. We will reunite now and again…just have faith and trust in God, and God-men and also the mystical energy that makes us alive as this person. I am forever and always indebted to you for this wonderful life…you are part of the spirit that exists in me and always will…always. We love you very much!! May the Almighty continue to shower you with wisdom, strength, gratitude, joy and good health. Happy Fathers Day 2019!

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