My sister and family told me today that I have never been a problem to them and that I have always been caring and loving!

To hear this from her mouth today made me realize that I often go too hard on myself in many matters in my life…this made me think why I don’t give myself enough credit for what I actually do everyday in my life. I’ve always strived to do better and better but yet as many of us have temptations and distractions…I did too and life took me away from my very earnest wishes of so called success…but success and happiness are different to everyone. God blessed us with a mind, heart and senses but why did I often take this life for granted…this human life is so breathtaking and beautiful that I’ve often overlooked the fragrant roses that I pass by daily…these roses are the most precious elements of this earth…one being this humanity, this momentary breath that give us experience and this feeling of feeling…this life blesses us every second. I try to heal my wounds of life through the attitude of gratitude which takes me closer to God…but the point is to realize our own truth through ourselves and experiences. It comes down to gratitude for the beings around us family, friends and people…thank you to my family for always seeing the best in me and looking over my flaws….I believe it’s a way to be content with yourself and others and keep a positive mindset for the people who love you and who you love.

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