Why make-up? Why sex appeal? Why mini skirts, skin and tank tops? Was it existent a mere 50-100 years ago?

As she puts on that hot red lipstick, mini skirt, panty hose, stringy top, high heels and shows that cleavage he gets attracted, then hooked, then attached and finally addicted! The lure of today’s age is fun for many yet sad. Why have mostly women and some men become a sex symbol? Was being a sex symbol even a thing in the past, what has contemporary pornography turned into? Heck it was only a hundred years ago that women gained the right to vote and now some are leading corporate America demanding equal pay, which they should. I understand and respect that we all want to express ourselves which we should…but I believe without contributing to the worlds problems knowingly or even unknowingly. But what’s the point of equality if it doesn’t make the difference to all…why only some get to experience equality or freedom. Is that fair, or is it just our luck or truly our karma? I believe it’s a bit of everything but what’s the solution. It has to come from the top down..so why aren’t we more careful about our world leaders? I believe that the best efforts to lead by example should be the goal of each leader in the world. Why corruption, hatred, slavery, killings, etc.? We have to realize this gruesome fact and know what we are dealing with in order to find the solution. A human life is priceless no matter if you’re starving or the richest woman/man in the world. Let’s realize our own potential before we get even deeper into the many issues of our “global society”. Let’s give the same heed to women and man and all humans. I believe it starts with an individual effort that can spread like a wild fire of spirit…why greed, money and power? Why, why why? My thought is that it all starts in our childhood or upbringing which leads us to our desires and maybe even intentional goals to be one of the most powerful people in the world. It leads to ego, pride, greed and most of all a form of inequality that’s overlooked. Democracy is great but only with the virtuous intentioned global leadership referred to earlier…bless this humanity…this beautiful world…all of humanity’s mother…Earth!

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