Why do all of us believe in different Gods? Why can’t we all trust in the almighty power that brings us together as a collective truth and form through nature?

There are hundreds to thousands of Gods we pray to for help throughout this world. Why do we get caught up in the specifics of our religion? Didn’t we somehow get created from a tiny microscopic sperm and egg? Does somehow our challenging of God’s existence give us more confidence or faith? This revelation happened to me at a very young age. Why do some of us let our ego, anger or pride take over when it comes to “our individual” religion? Even in India where my family comes from has so many variations of religions. But why? If we look back at history people followed a certain faith or religion that gave them a sense of security…that is what we all do is follow our faith whatever it may be to have a strong sense of security…but why do some of us get entangled in the politics…this is nothing new it has happened for thousands of years and has also led to war, deaths, some learning for the ones that were fighting for their cause. But was or is a disagreement worth death? Why don’t we come to the revelation that people have all been born in different times but have not necessarily learned from the past. I understand and respect everyone has their own faith or belief but before risking our precious human lives we should take a moment to reflect whether the potential outcome of death is worth it. I highly respect and appreciate the people in defense (as I used to work in the Mil/Aerospace industry) but now looking back I repent and grieve for the many many people who have lost their valuable human lives to war, hatred, genocide, slavery etc. I wish someone would’ve made headway with the popular term “world peace” and actually came to a solution. Peace at the root is the solution having one commonality of peaceful teachings to our future generations, that can help the world create more people with calm yet tactical methods to deal with life and the roller coasters of emotions, happiness and sadness that we breath every second. I pray that each of us as a “Global Citizen” does our job to take care of their responsibilities…especially the ones that involve bringing a human life into the world. This type of change can only happen from a pure soul that leads by example and gives unending love, wisdom and solutions. Hope Godness for all…but just remember God is a word humans created, not necessarily experienced for themselves. We all have our own beliefs in today’s date…the Powers to be of the world should lead by example and stick with the decision to fix the roots (children) that are born every day.

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