What’s my intention with blogging?

I truly care about making a change in anyone’s life where they may learn from my many many mistakes or have a revelation about their life. I titled this blog “Happy Humanity” for that very reason, I want to help others and I don’t want anything in return. My intention is clear to help others and also give more about the reflection of my life. The people of this era are most intelligent and have potential to turn things around for themselves first, then others around them. May God bless every one who is alive with the power to unleash the most potential within you! We get afraid sometimes in life but must keep faith, belief and hope instilled in ourselves. We must optimize our individual strengths and also improve our weaknesses that is how we can begin to contribute or make a change. This is what I try to do, it’s not easy but takes lots of effort. No one is perfect but we can sure do our sincere best to help others around us and most of all bring out the best in others who are close or far in relation. Let’s keep our intentions pure to help not only ourselves but this humanity. There’s a saying that with a thousand drops of water you can fill up a bucket…so each effort smallest or biggest does help!

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