What if you had an inkling about how you were going to die? What would you do?

Well, many of us already know how we are going to die, it’s part of our health conditions like cancer or severe illness. I can only imagine how people with life threatening conditions prepare for death. They may choose to detach or hold on to every lasting fleeting moment that they breath. They would have to take care of formalities like all sorts of paperwork, a will, possibly a trust etc. but aside from that the most important thing is to take care of themselves so that they can give comfort to their family that they’ll be all right wherever they go. The fact is we’ve come alone and we go alone, we don’t even take paper or money with us, we just take our love, memories, gratitude, respect and experiences with us as a boom to our onwards journey. I personally have had a lot of mind time or thoughts about this topic as I know only a memory will remain of me…and then ashes. My soul will travel on until I’m liberated from the cycles of life and death. I was afraid of this fact when I was young but I’m managing to come to grips with this reality. I try to use great tools like gratefulness and my experiences to count my blessings for each breath I’ve had thus far throughout the good and bad, ups and downs. If I could learn to be stable or balanced (not overly happy or sad) in between the highs and lows or roller coaster of life than I could better come to accept this fact that death will happen one day and so far man hasn’t created technology to make the mortal body line on. I can only hope that I will go peacefully in my sleep or during a divine experience… hope is one of the strongest powers out there we just have to hold it like we hold our heart in our body…close to our chest.

I once had what I thought was an out of body experience and saw a “light go through a hole”…yes sounds weird but this light seemed like an image of my soul whatever that may look like. Only God knows…I became unconscious with no memory of what happened after seeing that light but came back through the hole hollering out for my parents. Only God knows what happened that night. So I can only hope for a peaceful departure…in sleep or during a divine experience…not praying in a temple but in fact the hope to feel divinity through the power of meditation or God. Only the almighty knows what is to come…a wise guru once said to me that no one has seen tomorrow. So I concluded that no one has seen tomorrow yet there are ones who may be able to see what will happen today…through spiritual means etc. I used to believe in Astrology etc but have come to experience that I make my own destiny through my efforts/karma, yes, very calculative predictions are definitely possible. I was once told that I’d be rich and would help humanity but it didn’t happen financially…because God wanted me to spiritually learn more in this life first. I just hope I can still help people out. I’ve come to experience that there are many possible outcomes for our destiny yet we often fail to strive for the best one, I was once complacent and thought that financial success would come to me as predicted in my astrological charts but that didn’t happen because I was too busy in the materialistic elements of life. Now I try to look at my life through the glasses of gratitude for whatever I’ve been blessed with from the Almighty. It’s easier said than done but I try. Why do I sometimes think of the past when my present is the most important aspect to my destination? I was blessed to gain some experiences and have seen God trying to help me to become the best soul I can be. So what does this all have to do with death? Death should be our biggest motivation to make the best of our time while alive in this body and in this lifetime as this human being…to cut your karma and to strive for the best possible outcome. If we know we have to go at some point, let’s change our mindset or habits to take care of each passing moment wisely with love, care, gratitude and happiness.

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