Was physical attraction or even the thought of lust or the sight of beauty worth it? Did beauty get me settled down?

Well, first of all I was really lucky to have found the life partner that I found…I was very attracted to her when I first saw her. It first started with the physical, then her innocence, then her strength as a woman and finally her creativity and purest heart. So I earlier wrote a blog and asked “Is lust a must?” Most of us go through stages of attraction and the feeling of wanting someone physically occurs within most of us, but why do we let this feeling take us over sometimes? Well, this may have been the reason why I broke many many hearts when I was single. The reason I got lucky is I got a beautiful woman who is cultured, has a lot of self respect and who is a hard worker. I told her that I initially was really physically attracted to her and that was the reason I pursued her…but then I saw all of her other great qualities and the feeling didn’t go away. So we married, had kids and love each other unconditionally! So lust does happen, but sometimes it makes some of us make wrong decisions about how we carry out our intimate relationships. Meaning many men and women think with their sexual desires and go astray away from their spouses and look for satisfaction outside the home… so how do some of us stick with our relationships and some of us don’t? It is a two way street some people are very forgiving or have immense love for the other and give them another chance whereas, others are done. It’s odd, yet happens… we have so many divorces go on because of extra marital affairs…so are we just not satisfied physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually etc. Whatever the case, divorces happen for many reasons but the seemingly popular one that we so often see in movies or with famous ones..is an affair. So it comes down to grounding our sexual desires for others if we’re already committed. I’ve heard from many men I’ve known that “I can see but I can’t touch” or “my wife let’s me watch adult movies.” It all depends on the types of people that are involved in a relationship. This is how it all starts…all it takes is a mere spark of “temptation” and there he or she goes down the road of disaster. Yes, have attraction especially young ones and also all others but be aware of how your sexual desire arise from within if you’re committed, but still even with this knowledge you may still cheat on your partner because of lust. When your mind and body both take over put your biological alarm on to save your soul…marriage is a great institution don’t lose it to temptation fulfilled. If you’re not married I understand that attraction occurs but be cautious of your desirous lustful actions because it could lead to repetitive behavior that could even ruin your life.

I was once at a strip club and a dancer told me ” watch out for these bars they can ruin your life.” She was right…although I never got lap dances I still reflect and ask myself why did I go to a a bad place where the company hanging around could be bad? I’ll never forget her words that still whisper in my ears, I eventually learned from that experience. Since I was young I’ve always had a great attraction to the opposite sex, until recently I couldn’t figure out why my lustful urges were so strong. Was I not happy in my relationships, or did I just want to be spontaneous or just want MORE! There is never an end to desire of any type not just sexual, most of us want more, more and more…money, sex, happiness, peace, and comfort. How do we become content, do our circumstances make us content or do we change our circumstances for the lifestyle we want… it all depends how ardent we are. So let’s learn to learn…it’s easier said than done but possible with the right mindset…

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