In all eras we have the same types of issues.. war, hatred, poverty, love and some form of money/bartering…why are we suffering?

In Jainism, right now this is the 5th era which is called “kalyug” in this time good and bad things both happen. But why has war, hatred, slavery and some form of greed always been accompanying us. Each era in the Hindu or Jain scriptures is about 21,000years long. Point being that humanity has been through a lot of changes…first it’s evolution, then its development, humanity has taken a huge step of progress but this world is still suffering from human trafficking, hatred, greed and war. These are just a few broad topics. What can we do to change our suffering? Do we just wait for better times to come in thousands of years? Or do we do our best right now to make a Happy Humanity? The latter is my answer…we must put our best foot forward…for example, by teaching our children about mindfulness and meditation in schools. We get Physical Education but what about the mental and spiritual education that can protect our children through the highs and lows of life. This would be a huge step for our generations to come. Yes, each one of us thinks differently and has different opinions but I believe that if we instill this practice in our school systems and at home we would all be a lot more happier and maybe calm. This is just one example of how to modify our current situation and the backlog of damage we have done to ourselves. This world needs more work, effort and motivation to have each person do their part. It will almost have to be extrinsic in the beginning people will want to know how this will benefit them first but after seeing the benefits in their own life situation they will start to look at the macro perspective as well. I earnestly want to see poverty eventually come to an end. This would have to happen through the motivation and outreach to our human family of people that are in poverty. Yes, people may make wrong decisions but it’s our human responsibility to help. What about the innocent people that were born in poverty, we should help them with food, mediation, teaching gratitude for breath for whatever we have. Let’s do our part and not rely on so called time or even God, we must rely on ourselves first and foremost than on the other powers of time and God…

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