Never break a heart…if you have to say bye be gentle!

I used to be a playboy…this behavior of not having too much concern for consequences was like a roller coaster that never seemed to end! This behavior was never intentional though, I used to unconsciously or impulsively makes emotional decisions, I never thought it through. Looking back I wish I would’ve controlled my desires better. The girlfriend dramas officially began when I was fourteen and went on for the next 13 years…I broke hearts that I feel bad about now and wish I would’ve been more careful with how I ended things…the unconscious (not mindful) desire of self fulfillment and lust at that age seemed to always be the top priority it would take precedence over ALL. But why? Why was I so driven to have relationships or even flings…that I didn’t have proper concern for others feelings, even though I would express sympathy to my previous exes but some other unconscious agenda was often going on inside which I didn’t truly even know about, I just used to do not think it out. These unaware internal agendas are something to be careful of. I now know that a girl or woman is the form of a Goddess…I had to learn with difficulty but I learned eventually. A female gave birth to Gods and Goddesses hence, females have often been worshipped throughout history, mostly because of strength and beauty. A woman should not only be worshipped for her physical beauty but also her inner beauty which is the symbol of strength and wisdom. I know that I broke hearts because I was just too self absorbed and didn’t honestly know it back then… thinking in depth about how the other would feel but I apologize to anyone I’ve hurt in the past. I caution all young boys and girls to be gentle with your mate, boyfriend or girlfriend.

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