Delta Phi Beta…UCLA! Real brothers and sisters…true hearted friends!

So in college I was part of a fraternity called Delta Phi Beta, it is a South Asian co-Ed community service frat at UCLA. I was friends with a few guys who wanted to join the frat but they were too late to join, so they started their own frat called Beta Chi Theta. The crux of the issue was the fact that these guys felt disrespected so they said they’ll make their own all boys frat bigger and better. So there became a sense of competition between both of these frats. I was part of Delta Phi Beta but lived with three of the other Beta Chi Theta guys, this became very awkward moving forward because I was split. I made the wrong decision by not commingling more with the real brothers and sisters of Delta Phi Beta, the charter class I was in were truly the best, sweetest, good hearted people…I lost out on lifelong friendships that could have been better. I am grateful to have been a part of all of the brother and sisters of Delta Phi Beta and apologize if I ever did anything to hurt any of them. They are true gems! At the end of college, I wasn’t really friends with any of the people from the other fraternity. I was living with those guys for three years. This is a true lesson to learn from…if you have the opportunity of friendship, brotherhood and sisterhood always go with that as you never know when you’ll be used in any acquaintance. Relationships are very delicate especially during college times when you build bonds that help shape your life to come. Sometimes people use you and you don’t even know about it. I’ve learned the hard way but thankful that I’m able to reflect on the times that were with positive experiences, thoughts and emotions. Always strive to learn and be passionate about your friendships, recognize who is right or wrong for you. Let your instincts lead you, don’t become so unaware that you don’t really know what you’re doing or who you’re friends with. The wrong company can take you down the wrong path, this lesson I’ve learned. It’s up to us to choose the path we take and who we take it with.

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