Lost – by Club loungers!

So this is one of my liked electronic songs, why would I even think of writing about it? Well, it’s not only the beat that I enjoy but some of the words really touched me. The lines that I like goes something like this…” Just let your fears go, you might find your way back home. Just let your fears go, you might find that you’re not lost.” Well, I went through a tough period when I was at UCLA, I cheated on one girlfriend and lost her…then sometime later my karma came back to me when another girlfriend left me for another guy…so I was sorta lost for a while. This song reminded me of how my parents really got me back home not only literally but after graduating their love, support and understanding, their wisdom got me back on the right track for a little while. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and moved on but sometimes experiences in life really touch you in a way that makes

you look back in retrospect and say why did I do this or why did I do that? The point is many of us especially at a younger age or otherwise get “lost” in situations, love, family matters, or just “lost” in ourselves. What brings us back home, back to our feeling of completeness not of feeling blah or lost? It’s not only the little things but also the distractions (like music or movies or friends/family) that get us through those tough times. So we have to let our fears go so we start feeling complete again and grateful for whatever we have.

If we let our fears go we also stop getting confounded in deeper confusions or stop getting lost in the so called ill pathways of life. Why not make a conscious effort to connect ourselves to ourselves so we don’t get lost again. Sometimes hope and faith that everything will be all right in some form or shape or even another future lifetime…if you believe in karma.

I’m glad that I’m not lost at this juncture now I know what I need to do to make everything all right. I found my home in my lovely and caring, dearest, one and only wife. All the millennials out there I hope you’re able to free yourself from “lost” situations in life😀

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