Be yourself…don’t be afraid to speak up or stay quiet!

When I was around 12 a relevant thought passed in and out of my mind…it was the profound realization that each human has the same insecurities, same fears, same types of emotions, similar physical forms or bodies, and the commonality list goes on. I thought that when I grow up I’m going to be myself and not be afraid to speak up or simply stay quiet. Yes, it’s much easier “said” than “done”. When I was in 7th grade people used to make fun of me and call me names like “Smear booger’s on your face” or “Smear sh!?” the bad word. I didn’t stand up for myself because I was too scared that I’d get beat up or just get made more fun of. Many years have elapsed but still this memory exists because it was hurtful. As time went on I became myself but still wasn’t and maybe still not the very best version of myself. Life has taught me many many hard lessons for which I’m grateful. I want everyone to know that it’s ok if people make fun of you or if you lose a job or if you get a divorce…people including myself and the rest of the world go through problems. Problems are another common thread that we all sew through sometimes getting poked by a needles, other times sewing up pain of the past or present situation. No human including all the sages aren’t perfect they are not God, yes they may be close but still are human. The take away is that we shouldn’t be afraid to speak up in situations may it be at home, in the office, with an acquaintance or with your parents, your children, siblings, spouses etc. Also, when we truly learn ourselves through the changes we should use ourselves to the best of our ability!

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